Knockout–You Have Options

This is a letter I wrote to some friends at my church. Possibly it may be of help to someone reading this blog. It is not about spiritual things, but rather the temporal.


I have been listening to requests for prayer, praying for, and watching people die of cancer for some years now.

Some of us regard doctors in an almost deific manner, as if they really have all the answers—some of us do not. My own skepticism of the medicos came from watching my own mom go in for an out-patient procedure two weeks before Christmas—she never came home.

I am writing this to those of you who have friends and loved ones that are very sick, especially with cancer.

I won’t bore you with all the details, but in my own health quest I ran across a book called Knockout, by Suzanne Somers (now available in paperback). You might remember her as the dingy blond in Three’s Company.

In real life she is far from dingy—trust me on that. Somers was, is, a health nut (in a good way) and has written books on exercise, aging well, etc.

I have given this book away to several people here in the church that had family members in dire medical straits. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, they did not avail themselves of the knowledge in it.

Now here is the important part of my hortatorial chat—pay attention.

Part I of Knockout is her story. It is about how she almost died. It is interesting and well written and her motivation for this very valuable book, but that is not why I am recommending this book to you who need it. The real value is not found in her story.

The short version is that the doctor’s, specialist from various fields, while saving her from immediate death, could not figure out the underlying problem. They tried one thing then another, call in another specialist and do it again.

Finally all the specialist got together—still not coming up with a definitive answer declared Somers had Full-body cancer!?? What had really happened was she had been poisoned by eosinophil, which was in the soil where she gardened.

Part II of Somer’s book is “The Doctors who are Curing Cancer.” A hint here—they are not using the methodology of the rest of the medical profession, the government (CDC and FDA), and Big Pharma tout. In this section she interviews doctors all over the country who are helping people beat cancer even in the late stages.

Part III is called “Preventing Cancer Before it Starts” and contains interviews with doctors helping people do just that.

Part II and III is where the book pays for itself many times over plus the appendix called Resources. This part contains doctors/specialist cataloged by state all over the country with their contact information.

Why wouldn’t someone take advantage of this if you have someone, a loved one very sick? If you are dying, what do you have to lose?

One last word, an exemplar that may help; do you know what cancer cells feed on? The answer is glucose—simple sugar. Yet you will rarely find an oncologists that tells his patient “Quit eating sweets!”

I hope this information is helpful to you all. Pass on a link to this article if you think it might help someone else.

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