The Truth Demonstrated regarding the High Capacity Magazine Debate

Federal agencies are buying up billions, yes that’s Billions with a “B” from Homeland Security (1.6 Billion rounds) to the Social Security Administration (I guess they don’t want to take any guff off of any of us old farts.)

For perspective 1.6 billion rounds is 24 years, yes that is YEARS, worth of ammo based on the amount of ammo our troops in Afghanistan use on a daily basis. Or to put it another way it is enough ammo to shoot every person in the U. S. five times!

Why does the GOV need all that ammunition?

Mark Levin postulates that they are preparing for ramifications of a massive American economic collapse. I would not debate the point. I would add that it also takes ammunition availability away from the citizenry.

You have heard the lefts incessant whining about hi-cap magazines and “assault rifles.” Their flawed premise is that with low capacity mags. the shooter can’t fire as many rounds as quickly and can be apprehended while reloading.

Is that really the case? The truth, the empirical evidence is seen in this law enforcement hosted video.

Check it out.


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