Is America a Christian Nation? Hmmmm

The U. S. is, unfortunately, a postmodern nation; some say we are even post-Christian, but are we, as Obama says, “not a Christian nation”?

Tacit in his statement is the assertion that America never was a Christian nation.

Whad ya think?


2 thoughts on “Is America a Christian Nation? Hmmmm

  1. Thank you for taking the time to comment.
    I agree “state religion” is scary, however the video is not talking about a “state religion.” Indeed, the America was founded by Christians fleeing from government religious tyranny, seeking a place to freely worship God; that was the point of the video
    The First Amendment prohibits government from establishing a state religion and also insures every citizen right to freely exercise their religious beliefs.
    Your statement that ” Religion should be private” is antithetical to what the Bible teaches us a Christians. The Christian faith is not and cannot to be compartmentalized. It affects every aspect of our lives. That is true of other religions as well.
    The “leader” of our country right now brings his own brand of religion, into politics everyday.
    The facts are that he was born and raised a Muslim and is an Alinsky socialist which explains his attitude on current events.


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