What does the WOW mean?

WOWIndependence Day is upon us. NASCAR has the big Firecracker 400 Race coming up this weekend, but I had my Firecracker weekend this past weekend. So I reckon we beat out NASCAR!

My wife and I traveled to Richmond VA this weekend with Stacy (Trumpets That’s Not My Name), our Keeshond. She is the 5th Keeshond we have owned over the past 3 plus decades.

The reason for the trip? We were entered in the American Kennel Club (AKC) All-Breed Dog Show.

We bought three-year old Stacy from her breeder, Beth Blankenship of Trumpet Keeshonden in South Carolina. This was in May of 2012 after we lost Berklee, who was our fourth Kees.

I changed the spelling of Stacy’s name to Stacee in memorial of my best little buddy Berklee.

Stacee had accumulated 8 championship points and one win at a major show when we got her. It takes a total of 15 points and two major wins for a dog to become an AKC champion.

A little background might be helpful. A win is considered a “major” if there is a specified number of dogs of your breed and sex to warrant. The amount varies from state to state. Don’t hold me to these numbers but in S.C. I believe it is 3 dogs, in N.C. it is 4, and VA was 5.

Stacee Shows

Keeshonds are waning in popularity for some unknown reason. They are an absolutely beautiful breed with their spectacles and fox-like face and the males have an almost lion-type mane. They also possess a great temperament and they love people and children. Just about everyone oohs and aahs over them whenever they see them.

Beth, our breeder, told us if we wanted to do it she would finish Stacee for her championship. While we wanted Stacee as a companion pet, she was over halfway to champion. Thus we decided we would go ahead and finish her.

WinningDay 6webThe end result of that decision came to fruition this weekend in Richmond. She beat 6 other Keeshonden. Additionally she won Best of Opposite Sex and Best of Breed Bred by Exhibitor.

RockCrk GoChampRibbons2-Web “Trumpets That’s Not My Name” is no longer Stacee’s pedigree name . . .  I would like to introduce:

CH. Trumpets That’s Not My Name!

Stacee Goes Champion Web

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