Way to Go Beth!!

If you have been following my blogs much (probably unlikely) you know I love Keeshonden–that’s a breed of dog in the non-sporting class, part of the Spitz family.

My wife discovered them some thirty-five years ago and in the succeeding years we have owned five; two bitches and three dogs. Some months after the demise of Berklee, our fourth, we decided we needed to fill that void.

Stacee ShowsWe bought our fifth Keeshond from Beth Blankenship the owner of Trumpets Keeshonden. Beth, a top breeder headquartered in South Carolina, had a 31/2 year old bitch she wasn’t going to breed and we bought her. Her name was Trumpet That’s Not My Name. Stacee is her common name.

ShowSight, The Dog Show Magazine just published the Top Ten Breeders of 2013 and in the Non-Sporting Class, for Keeshonden, Beth took both the second AND the fifth spots.

Way to go Beth!! Congratulations.


3 thoughts on “Way to Go Beth!!

  1. Ο/Η anonimos 1 λέει:kursare tha se pasrkaleaw na digrapseis ayto to video giati exei prokalesei terastio provlima se mena ai sti kopela..de kserw pws vrethike sti katoxi sou alla tha se pasrkaleaw na diagraftei..eyxaristw..


  2. LOVE Beth and the Trumpet family! I also bought my first kees 30 years ago. They are the most amazing breed. I will always have a kees. This is my first Trumpet puppy! Trumpets Ice cream man! WOW what a beautiful ,lovable , and intelligent boy!


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