Talk to Me Baby

Here is some extremely interesting information on new research on babies in their third trimester before birth. The socialist Democrats  call these babies fetal tissue.

However new intriguing new research just aborted that idea. Scientists from the University of Helsinki recently published their findings in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.

What are these fascinating findings? “They have found that babies in the third trimester were able to retain and recognize specific words. These unborn babies are, in fact, learning language while still in the womb.”

Mere “fetal tissue” could not, would not have no cognitive capabilities.

In order to test their hypothesis, the scientists gave expectant mothers a recording to play for their unborn babies in the last few months of pregnancy. The recording was meant to be played several times a week and it contained a false word created by the scientists repeated multiple times throughout the recording among other sounds and noises.

By the time the test was complete the baby had heard the phony word over 25,000 times prior to birth.

The final part of the test was an electroencephalogram (EEG) test given to the newborn baby. Their brain responses to the phony word “indicated they had developed a distinct memory of the word, they knew it.”

Sorry liberals, once again your worldview is proven specious and defective. When you support performing an abortive procedure or legislate to legalize abortion, especially an abortion in the third trimester, you are accomplices to murder!

Yes, Obama, that includes you!

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