Killing U.S. Softly

I don’t know when America is going to wake up to reality. The underlying truth regarding political correctness is that all truth is relative!

We the people are NOT getting it quickly enough–we are afraid someone will challenge us, call us a bigot, homophobe, islamaphobe, a misogynist, or even . . . mean– so we don’t fight the evil in our system.

Many of us have been decrying for over a decade our open borders, but we let the government thrust full body pat downs of our little 3-year-old girls and boys, and eighty year-old grandmas in wheelchairs. But someone in hijab or even a full burqas go right by TSA agents.

Our country is under attack from within and without. Yet we do nothing. I have schooled myself on the intricacies of Muslim terrorists–I thought. But I was not aware of this until a friend sent me a link to the following video on Economic Warfare via arson. This is real. This is NOW!


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