Our Battered Constitution

No one man or group of men have any right to govern this country; our country against our will.

Instead of placing the legislative, executive, and judicial powers in one person, the Constitution divides federal power among three distinct but coordinate branches. Most of us know this from watching the nightly news, even those liberals who don’t like it.

Nonetheless, this anarchic, malignant administration, led by an interloper “president” is shredding our constitution. This, even though Article II, Section 3 of the Constitution requires the President to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.”

Time and again, President Barack Obama has signaled his willingness to “go it alone,” acting without congressional approval and when Congress refuses to accede to the Obama Administration’s liberal policies, the Administration imposes “laws” by executive fiat.

Furthermore when the Administration disagrees with duly enacted laws or finds it politically expedient not to enforce them. Obama then ignores or skirts the law or claims to have “prosecutorial discretion” not to enforce the law!

That is rule by anarchy!

The Heritage Foundation has put out what to them is Obama’s Top 10 Abuses of Power:

  1.  Amending Obamacare’s employer mandate, providing an unauthorized subsidy to congressional staff, and encouraging state insurance commissioners not to enforce certain requirements.
  2. Inventing labor law “exemptions” in violation of the WARN Act so that workers would not receive notice of impending layoffs days before the 2012 election.
  3. Waiving the mandatory work requirement under the 1996 comprehensive welfare reform law, which required able-bodied adults to work, prepare for work, or look for work in order to receive benefits under the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program.
  4. Ignoring a statutory deadline and refusing to consider an application related to nuclear waste storage at Yucca Mountain, which activists sought to block for years.
  5. Circumventing the Senate’s duty to provide advice and consent on appointments and instead making “recess” appointments in violation of Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution when the Senate was actually in session.
  6. Deciding not to defend the constitutionality of the federal definition of marriage in court.
  7. Implementing Common Core national standards through strings-attached waivers from the No Child Left Behind Act.
  8. Intimidating Florida to stop its voter roll cleanup, which included removing ineligible voters such as noncitizens, before the 2012 election.
  9. Imposing the DREAM Act by executive fiat under the guise of “prosecutorial discretion.”
  10. Refusing to enforce federal drug laws in states that have legalized marijuana.

I don’t necessarily disagree with any of these.Nevertheless Obamacare itself is intrinsically unconstitutional.

And the blatant disregard of the constant and dangerous flow of aliens across our borders must surely be included.

Besides Florida, Obama lackey A.G. Holder sued the embattled state of Arizona for upholding constitutional immigration law. Immigration impacts America not only economically, but in this day, is a huge national security risk.

For this president (small “p” intended) his socialist agenda has been evident from the first. Congress is culpable in allowing Obama to take control and now still refuse to institute articles of impeachment. This must be laid at the feet of Boehner and McConnell.

2014 is now here. We are months away from crucial elections. If conservative voters fail to elect Constitutional conservatives to the Senate, like Greg Brannon, in my state of NC, ALL IS LOST. This is not scare tactic rhetoric it will become fact.

If we don’t do this:

We will witness this:

Excerpts taken from Heritage Foundation Factsheet

One thought on “Our Battered Constitution

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