MIDWINTER REFLECTIONS ~ Liberty or License – The Rule of Law or Lawlessness

Why are we at this late date, as a country, having to define what true marriage is?

It is because we no longer understand how and why marriage was instituted. Since folks have to go to the state to get a marriage license, they think the right to marriage must come the state; from government—right? Wrong.

The trouble is “we’ve been having the wrong conversation about marriage in the world. At the core of the matter is the lie of choice. As “free,” “liberated,” autonomous beings we believe we should be able to do whatever we choose.

We confuse liberty and license.

This is a logical extension of Darwinian and “Saganian” philosophy. We are but a “pale  blue dot,” a small insignificant speck in the cosmos caused by chance then it follows that there is no purpose or meaning to life—so said Carl Sagan.

If that is the case then why are all of those who believe that, trying to convince those who do not believe it, that we should believe it?

I mean, if indeed life is meaningless, why try to impose your lack of meaning on other people’s lack of meaning who have a different lack of meaning than you? It’s all meaningless!

The truth is, at their core, nobody thinks their life is meaningless in a truly existential sense. It comes down to a matter of rebellion cloaked in the mantle of “choice” . . . our choice to “hook-up,” followed by our choice to murder a baby resultant of that choice; our choice to have queer sex, our choice to “marry” our queer partner.

Queer, now there is a word war. One of Encarta’s definitions characterizes “queer” as “an offensive term meaning gay.”

Yet the non-PC, term “queer,” really is the more definitive term. Which is why it offends queer men and women. But that’s all semantics.

Nevertheless it is the queers and their agenda that they shove down our throats that are offensive to the rest of normal society, yes, normal society. Nobody seems to worry if the majority are offended.

Indeed, God calls homosexuality an “abomination.” This abomination is the toxic fluid being sprayed on marriage and those who hold marriage as between a man and a woman.

While we’ve been debating about how to renovate marriage, we’ve been ignoring the fact that it is the “gay spray” is making, not only marriage sick, but our civilization en bloc.

What used to be nauseous to humankind is now slurped up like a dog’s vomit.

The real question is how to stop a small aberrant part of society from framing the argument and definition of marriage.

At least part of the answer is STOP BEING PC! Stop being afraid to tell the truth.

Fact: Marriage did not originate with man. Fact: Marriage was instituted by God.

That is the real reason the deviant elitists are spraying marriage with deadly toxins trying to kill it, because they deny God and they deny God exists.

That is a the heart of it.

Simply put they are fools in their hearts . . . and “The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God.’ They are corrupt, doing abominable iniquity; there is none who does good.”Psalm 14:1; Psalm 53:1

And that is an end of it.

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