Crush Depth

The following is excerpted from the book Before the Final Trump by D. D. Edwards.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

Edmond Burke

At 9:18 a.m. on April 10, 1963, sonar operators aboard the U.S. Navy submarine rescue ship Skylark, which was accompanying the nuclear attack submarine Thresher, heard a chilling sound “like air rushing into an air tank,”. . . a piping joint in a sea water system in the engine room gave way. The resulting spray shorted out electronics and forced an automatic shutdown of the nuclear reactor. . . .
. . . When the accident occurred, Thresher was near its maximum test depth . . . . Most submarines are built to survive down to a crush depth, which can be 20 to 35 percent greater than their maximum test depth. . . . Without the reactor, the sub did not have enough power to stop itself from sinking to the bottom.
Skylark received several fragmentary, garbled messages, followed by silence. . . . As they sank, the men aboard [Thresher] . . . heard piping and fittings giving way. They . . . listened as the ship’s hull creaked and groaned, until it finally, deafeningly gave way to massive water pressure.
Thresher was no more. . . [it] had come to a cataclysmic end and all 129 men aboard perished in 8,400 feet . . . of water. . . . All lives were likely extinguished within a matter of seconds.

The Church[1] and America as well, are being squeezed and in danger of being crushed. In our decadent, self-indulgence we have tested the depths. Ancient Israel too defied and rebelled against God and God judged them. The Old Testament text is replete with incident after incident of the nation of Israel rejection God.

America is more prosperous in material wealth than any nation in the history of the world. Like Old Testament Israel, who “did evil in the sight of the LORD,” we have defied God and have gone whoring after false gods. A false god is not just a golden idol. No, when we cease to worship God in the fullness of His Simplicity we are indeed worshiping a false God. Why is that true? It is true because “we tend by secret law of the soul to move toward our mental image of God.”[2] The evangelical church has been “shorted out” by our culture. We are sinking below our test depth and are rapidly nearing our crush depth.

I believe there are three constituent overlapping dynamics squeezing the bulkhead of American churches’.

Firstly, the church is being squeezed by naturalistic, secular humanistic atheism, which has flooded America; spewing its corrosive brine into the Church, shorting out belief in the inerrancy, infallibility, and authority of the Bible and thereby accurate interpretation, and sound doctrinal teaching.

Secondly, America is being squeezed by rise of Islamofascism. Islam with all of its attendant, barbarous, archaic imperialistic traditions has, like a giant squid, been stirred. This roused monster is fastening it tentacles upon the western nations and is beginning to squeeze.

Lastly, there are powerful and largely unrecognized geopolitical and geo-economic forces arrayed against us. None of these perils operates in a vacuum. Indeed, their force is exponentially cumulative.

Individually these forces are formidable. Collectively, they present a singular, threat to the world never before encountered. What makes the essence of this collective threat so historically terrifying is that the church is virtually unconscious it exists.

The balance of this chapter will be an overview of the three perils pressing in on America and on the contemporary church. Then in the chapters that follow I will illuminate some of the specific dangers of these threats. An entire book could be written about each, but it is my objective to illuminate the urgent peril we are in as a church. When I speak of the church I am speaking of those that have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and what is applicable to the church corporately is usually applicable to members in her body.

Like the Thresher, we are seemingly in a powerless, spiraling, free-dive toward the bottomless abyss of fallen and forgotten civilizations. Like the Thresher, we are ultimately crushed from forces without, enabled by chronic, systemic weakness within. Regrettably, neither this nation, or its leaders or the Church recognizes the exigency of the moment.

Who is to blame? Where does the fault lie? Can this impending disaster be averted? If so, what is the solution?

I will address these questions and hopefully develop the answers through the lens of a Biblical Worldview. Because the Bible is true, written about Christ who is Truth, that worldview will get us closer to the truth; closer to reality than any other.

If I have written aright hopefully I am transmitting a call-to-arms and a solution. Whether we have the moral tenacity or whether there is time enough, only God knows. Nonetheless, we may all take heart in the fact that whatever happens will be in the sovereign control of God’s will. Our Father’s will is that we be focused on, and working at His business until He takes us out of this world.

The Seeds of 21st Century America

The atheist looks at evil and declares “there is no God; “a loving God would not permit ‘evil.’” To the atheist Christianity is internally incoherent. Of course, they never proclaim that because there is evil there must be a Satan or that because there is good in the world there must be a God. To be fair, many solid Christians ask the same question, “How can God allow evil?” That was Job’s conundrum in millennia past.

Obviously this is not the question simmering in today’s society. “How can Christians claim there is only one way to heaven?” “How can you believe the Bible when it’s riddled with error?”

Liberty or License

The secular humanists are all for “freedom” and “choice,” but it is really license they crave. License is an out-of-control freedom to break the established, time honored, societal rules, and mores. They employ license to justify a woman’s “right” to kill the unborn, extramarital sex with members of whatever sex charms them; man or woman. It never occurs to the “natural” man that God designed into us freewill because God loves us and wants us to love Him freely. That is why He honors our will to choose, even when the choice is wrong.

Forced love is no love at all. God “chose not annihilate sin, but rather to defeat it. . . . Defeating evil without destroying freedom, while at the same time perfecting free creatures . . . appears to be at the heart of God’s plan.”[1] When you really think about it, it must be allow that for a man who spends his whole life hating and fighting God it would be cruel indeed to make him spend eternity in God’s presence and ruled by the person he hates.

The Neo-Darwinists

The atheistic Darwinian instituted belief system does not allow for a hint of this God stuff. No, to macro-evolutionists (renamed natural selection) man is evolving to a “higher” state, he is improving; a better, smarter animal (but an animal nonetheless). But really, is that true? No it is not! The truth is poverty, disease, war, avarice, and cruelty are with us still and arguably in larger quantities than previously.

One has only to look at the headlines today. In one a man throws his four children off a bridge. Why?” In yet an even more ghoulish and macabre case, U.S. Marshalls served eviction papers on Banita Jacks at her house and found all four of her children inside—dead. “Authorities estimate the four girls — ages 5 to 17 — had been dead for at least two weeks. Jacks [the children’s mother, a drug addict] told police they [the children] were ‘possessed by demons’ and had died in their sleep, one by one, within a week of each other . . .”. All of this and Jacks was still living in the house with the decomposing bodies of her children she had murdered. In fact, so badly decomposed the coroner could not discover how they were murdered.[1] This is the species rising to the next level of higher development? I don’t think so Tim. This sounds hideously more like temporal and spiritual bondage than liberty or freedom.

False Freedom’s Fount

Charles Lyell,[2] Charles Darwin, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Immanuel Kant are a few of the “pioneers” that planted the seeds we are reaping today. Darwin’s “theory of Evolution,” so-called, blossomed from the seeds sown by Lyell enabling Darwin to create a construct providing society with an alternative “creator” to God; Chance was his name.

Nietzsche is credited with “killing” God, declaring “God is dead,” but the bullet must have ricocheted. In the end, it was Nietzsche that died—God still lives. Kant, on the other hand, declared “reality was unknowable” and also decided God’s doorbell was broken, therefore man could not know God. These are, however, but a small part of the roster of historical farmers that sowed crops of deconstructionism and postmodernism we harvest today

The Islamic Connection

Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, and now ISIS and  all other Islamofascists’ groups have taken advantage of America’s and the world’s politically correct thrashing about.  It has unarguably played nicely into their latest campaign for world domination.

For the most part, everyone’s attention, for or against, is on the war in Iraq or to some extent Afghanistan. The Bush Administration, the press, and the liberals did not and have not taken the time really, to understand the truth about Islam. Neither has anyone understood that or at least verbalized the fact Obama’s foreign machinations are because Obama is Muslim. He has facilitated Islams vicious acts which is why the Muslims terror threat is not just going away.

While all eyes are on the battles being fought in the middle-east; while the media and the “libs” are bemoaning the death toll on one hand and blaming America for 9/11 as well as Iraq, Muslims Brotherhood operatives are going daily to their high placed government jobs, including the Homeland Security Department. Islamic organizations are allowed to set the curriculum in the FBI, CIA, and even our schools from the lower grades through colleges. They are even mandating politically-correct, Islam supportive training regimens in our intelligence agencies. This is the second counter-force trying to crush America and the Christian church. Don’t discount these assertions out of hand.

Does the U.S. have the strength of character, morally, spiritually, or even metaphysically to stand against the hoards of Allah? That is the prime question. That is the challenge facing our country, the United States of America. I believe in the end we stand alone. Canada, the other Americas, and Western Europe cannot or will not stand with us. But these are not the only threats arrayed against us.

We are caught on the horns of a dilemma. One horn is our battle combating the secular, postmodern cancer. Another horn is a really, I believe, a largely unrecognized struggle against the resumption of Islam’s imperialistic march for global domination. There is a third horn emerging.

What in the World is Going On?

Islam is systemic today. Even those that do not perceive Islam to be a threat or pay much attention to world events and politics are aware of its existence. It is easy to detect because it is thrust upon us daily in the news.

Postmodernism is also systemic, but is more monolithic than Islam. Therefore, it is invisible to most of our culture. It influences all strata of society, yet society, for the most part, is not cognizant of its existence. It is like water running through a hose laid out to water a shrub—you can’t see it, so you are not aware of it until you get to the end of the hose and see the water spilling out and saturating the roots.

There is yet an additional force, the third horn that is emerging is in fact a group of forces and is not as easily perceived, though it is there to see for the perspicacious. But to detect it is one thing; to comprehend it on a cognitive level is more difficult. Most of us do not see it, because most of us are too busy “living” our lives. We have a million things to do and just do not take the time.

This is unfortunate, without an understanding of the realities of our world around us we cannot make solid, informed decisions that affect our core beliefs and our family’s welfare. In America, we are more worried about our next vacation, or what “toy” should we buy.

What is this third crushing force? We will delve into that next time.

[1], Thursday, February 28, 2008,,2933,333539,00.html., accessed on 4/1/2008.

[2] Charles Lyell posited the theory of uniformitarianism, and devised the Geological Column. “In addition to uniformitarianism, Lyell’s Principles of Geology contained some ideas that seem absurd today, though they struck him as quite reasonable at the time. Lyell concluded that, because the earth undergoes periodic changes in climate and because animals are adapted to certain climates, “huge Iguanodon might reappear in the woods, and the ichthyosaurs in the sea, while pterodactyl [sic] might flit again through umbrageous groves of tree ferns.” From Scenes from Deep Time by Martin J.S. Rudwick. (

[1] Geisler, Systematic Theology, vol. 3 (Minneapolis: Bethany House, 2004), 152.

[1] When I speak of “the Church,” I mean both corporately as the Body of Christ and individually as members of the Body of Christ that make up primarily the Church in America.

[2] A.W. Tozer, The Knowledge of the Holy (San Francisco: Harper San Francisco, 1961), 2.

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