D. D Edwards

I am a disciple of Jesus Christ; my Lord and Savior.

I came to Christ when I was seventeen. When I was 31 I rededicated my life to Christ.  Since that time I have always enjoyed studying theology and apologetics.

Late in life I went back to school formally and graduated with a M.A. in Religion with a concentration in Christian Apologetics (Southern Evangelical Seminary).  The primary reason I went back to school for my masters was because I believed God was calling me to “write.”

My first book (Before the Final Trump) is fundamentally a call for the Church to return to Jesus’ mandate to “make disciples.”  Secondarily I am a student of the world from a biblical perspective and believe all Christians should be aware of the “signs of the times” (Mt. 16:2-3).

I have just signed an agreement with Christian Faith Publishers to publish my second book–Collision Course.

As to service I have served in various positions in the church.  They range from serving in the kitchen to Director of Missions and Director of Men’s Ministry to teaching adult Sunday classes.


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