How to be a Muslim-Brought to You by the D.O.E.

Ablin252520mo252520leading252520blind252520-252520false252520prophet_thumb25255b125255ds I just posited in my most recent CrossChek post “Islam is Satan’s magnum opus of false religions.”

The creeping political correctness of the past seventy years has softened up the American cultural values so that our guiding principles are being stood on their heads.

While the upper echelons of academia are virtually totally corrupted, I am somewhat dismayed at the extent K-12 is exposed.

Exemplar of this cultural vicissitudinous degradation is the Islamic propaganda being fed our children through the public school systems in the name of tolerance.

What are these teacher thinking??


The Staunton VA work sheet is especially troubling. To become a Muslim one has only to recite the Shahada. This work sheet gets the student writing it in Arabic.

Can there be anyone on this planet who think “Islam is a religion of peace” after watching the news night, after night?  I guess so.

As Blaise Pascual wrote

There is a God-shaped vacuum in the heart of every man which cannot be filled by any created thing, but only by God the Creator, made known through Jesus Christ.

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When Muslims Burn Jews Alive

The world was outraged when ISIS burned a man in a cage, but Muslim terrorists have been burning Jews alive with little outrage and less attention.

This war, in which cars and buses are torched with families still inside, is not the work of a tiny minority of extremists. Its perpetrators have the support of the Palestinian Authority. Some have been set free from Israeli prisons through the intervention of the PA, Barack Hussein Obama and John Kerry.

Last week Inbar, a young mother of three, was burned over 15 percent of her body after a Molotov cocktail was thrown at her car in Jerusalem. Despite her injuries, she was one of the lucky ones.

Last year Ayala Shapira, an 11-year-old girl, was on the way home from math class. Her parents were driving her back to the village of El Matan (God’s Gift) when Muslim terrorists threw firebombs at their car. The bomb smashed through the window and landed on her lap setting her hair and clothes on fire.

“I just saw something burning fly at us and suddenly everything exploded,” Ayala would later say.

The 11-year-old girl reached into the fire to open her seatbelt and rolled on the ground to put out the flames, but she still suffered third-degree burns over 40 percent of her face and upper body.

Some children attacked by firebomb wielding Muslim terrorists were not so lucky.

Rachel Weiss and her three sons, Netanel, 3, Rafael, 2, and Efraim, 10 months, burned together on a passenger bus, with the young mother throwing herself over her children to try and protect them.

All four were buried together in one grave.

Two American passengers, Sandy and Dov Bloom, were also riding the bus to Jerusalem. They had left their children with their grandparents. The Molotov cocktails set them on fire. Sandy was pushed into Elisha’s spring, named after the Biblical prophet who had healed the waters, renamed Ain es-Sultan by the Muslim invaders seeking to honor their own murderous tyrant in place of the ancient prophet.

The Muslim terrorists had mixed glue and gasoline so that the burning mixture would stick to the skin of their victims. It took years of surgery for the American couple to begin the road to recovery.

Mahmoud Kharbish and Juma’a Adem, the perpetrators of the brutal attack, were freed by Israel under pressure from Obama and Kerry to bring the PLO back to the negotiating table. Along with the other freed terrorists, they were hailed as heroes by President Abbas and were eligible for monthly salaries.

The Moses family was driving on a pre-holiday shopping trip before Passover when their car was struck by a Muslim firebomb. Ofra Moses, who was five-months pregnant, wasn’t able to get her seatbelt open and burned to death. It took her 5-year-old son Tal another three months to die of his burns.

His 8-year-old sister Adi suffered severe burns as her father rolled her burning body in the sand to put out the flames. “I looked in the direction of our car and watched as my mother burned in front of my eyes,” she recalls.

She still remembers lying bandaged while her little brother screamed in pain in the next room.

Mohammad Daoud, the Muslim terrorist who did this to the family, was given two life sentences and an additional 72 years. But when the PLO demanded his release, Obama and Kerry forced Israel to comply.

Israelis who kill Muslims are considered pariahs. Muslims who burn Jews to death are glorified as heroes. And there are many such aspiring heroes, eager for a Palestinian Authority salary funded by American and European foreign aid and a “Get Out of Jail Free” card dispensed by Obama and Kerry.

Last week alone, there were over a dozen firebomb attacks. This year so far there were 102 firebomb attacks. Even the Intifada itself began when a Molotov cocktail was thrown at Israeli soldiers. Over the next four years, there were 3,600 firebomb attacks. Burning Jews to death is what Palestine is all about.

And then there are the Arson Jihad forest fires which can threaten entire neighborhoods. The latest such fire, which forced the evacuation of hundreds of people in a Jerusalem neighborhood, was traced back to two firebombs. Two earlier forest fires last month had also been traced back to firebombs.

But to the State Department, throwing firebombs at Jews is no big deal.

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki argued that throwing a Molotov cocktail is not terrorism and offered condolences to an attacker who was shot while throwing a firebomb and then buried in a Hamas headband. The Weiss and Moses families might disagree, but few of them survived to argue their case.

And in any case, the administration isn’t listening.

An administration that contrived the release of the monsters who torched the Weiss and Moses families is not likely to consider burning Jews alive to be terrorism.

But the Muslim Arson Jihad has also targeted Jews beyond Israel’s borders.

In Montreal, Sleiman El-Merhebi and Simon Zogheib threw a firebomb through the window of a Jewish school library before Passover destroying 15,000 books. Yousef Sandouga threw a Molotov cocktail at the window of the Edmonton Beth Shalom (House of Peace) synagogue, but instead set himself on fire.

Last year, Molotov cocktails were thrown at synagogues in France, Germany and Brussels. Two years earlier, in a foreboding preview of the massacre of Jews in a Kosher deli before the Sabbath (described by Obama as zealots who “randomly shoot a bunch of folks in a deli in Paris”), another Kosher supermarket was bombed by two men in black. Last year, it was finally burned to the ground.

In New York City, a year before September 11, Muslims threw firebombs at a synagogue in the Bronx. “A bias-motivated attempt to firebomb a synagogue?” the New York Times asked. “Or a misguided message critical of Israeli policies against Palestinians?”

It is tempting to reduce Islamic terror to a response to the rebirth of Israel, as the New York Times did, but Muslims did not begin burning Jews to death in the twentieth century. The Jewish cemetery of old Oufrane in Morocco is a field of lonely broken stones. Among all the other shattered graves of their people, lie the ashes of fifty martyrs, Jews who had been burned to death for refusing to convert to Islam in 1790. In the same year that the Jews of Newport had thanked George Washington for his role in bringing about a nation “generously affording to all liberty of conscience”, Muslims were still burning Jews to death for their conscience and their faith.

The Fifty Martyrs of Ourfrane were not aberrations. The Jews of Morocco, and those of many other places, lived under a law which decreed that they could be burned to death at the word of a Muslim.

In 1875, as Alexander Graham Bell was inventing the telephone, Jews were being burned to death under Islamic law in Iran. Over a century later, Ayatollah Khomeini told his followers, “Killing is a form of mercy… sometimes a person cannot be reformed unless he is cut up and burnt… you must kill, burn and lock up those in opposition.”

Khomeini meant it literally. The origins of the Islamic Revolution of Iran lay in the Cinema Rex fire in which Islamic terrorists launched a false flag operation, locked the doors of the movie theater because of its blasphemous nature and set it on fire killing four hundred people.

This is an Islamic state of mind that has never gone away.

One of the Muslim terrorists behind the Bali bombings, which killed over 200 people in Indonesia, shouted, “Allahu Akbar” and “Burn the Jews” before his verdict was read.

Savages worship fire for its primal destructive power. Whether burning books, buildings or people, the ability to destroy is their idea of a spiritual experience. Islam swept across civilizations like a fire, burning people and libraries, destroying ideas and cultures, leaving behind slavery and despair in its wake.

The fires are burning again from Iraq to Israel. Firebombs are flying into synagogues across Europe. The great hatred of Islam burns in the hearts of a billion bigots. Death and fire follow in their wake.

But the world is only outraged when Muslims die. It is not outraged when Muslims kill. When Muslims burn Jews or massacre Christians, it shrugs and moves on. And this is also true of many Jews.

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Obama Alters U.S. Oath of Allegiance in Compliance with Islamic Law

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The Obama administration recently made changes to the Oath of Allegiance to the United States in a manner very conducive to Sharia, or Islamic law.

On July 21, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced some “modifications” to the Oath of Allegiance which immigrants must take before becoming naturalized.

The original oath required incoming citizens to declare that they will “bear arms on behalf of the United States” and “perform noncombatant service in the Armed Forces of the United States” when required by the law.

Now the USCIS says that “A candidate [to U.S. citizenship] may be eligible to exclude these two clauses based on religious training and belief or a conscientious objection.”

The new changes further add that new candidates “May be eligible for [additional?] modifications based on religious training and belief, or conscientious objection arising from a deeply held moral or ethical code.”

These changes serve incoming Islamic supremacists especially well.  For, while Islamic law allows Muslims to feign loyalty to non-Muslim “infidel” authorities, it bans Muslims from living up to the pretense by actually fighting or killing fellow Muslims on behalf of a non-Muslim entity, such as the United States.

The perfectly fitting story of Nidal Hassan—the U.S. army major and “observant Muslim who prayed daily” but then turned murderer—comes to mind and is illustrative.

A pious Muslim, Hasan seemed a “regular American,” even if he was leading a double life—American Army major and psychiatrist by day, financial supporter of jihadi groups and associate of terrorists by night.  However, when time came for this American soldier to “bear arms on behalf of the United States”—to quote the original Oath of Allegiance—against fellow Muslims, things got ugly: he went on a shooting spree in Fort Hood, killing thirteen Americans, including one pregnant woman in 2009.

Much of Hasan’s behavior is grounded in the Islamic doctrine of Loyalty and Enmity.  According to this essential teaching, Muslims must always be loyal to Islam and fellow Muslims while having enmity for all non-Islamic things and persons.

However, whenever Muslims find themselves under the authority of non-Islamic institutions and persons, they are permitted to feign loyalty—even to the point of cursing Islam and pretending to have abandoned it—with one caveat: Muslims must never take up arms on behalf of “infidels” against fellow Muslims.  In other words, their loyalty to non-Muslims must be skin deep.

Many are the verses in the Koran that support this divisive doctrine (3:28, 4:89, 4:144, 9:23, and 58:22; the latter simply states that true Muslims do not befriend non-Muslims—“even if they be their fathers, sons, brothers, or kin”).

Most germane is Koran 3:28: “Let believers not take for friends and allies infidels rather than believers: and whoever does this shall have no relationship left with Allah—unless you but guard yourselves against them, taking precautions.

The words translated here as “guard” and “precaution” are derived from the Arabic word taqu, from the trilateral root w-q-y—the same root that gives us the word taqiyya, the Islamic doctrine that permits Muslims to deceive non-Muslims whenever under their authority.

Ibn Kathir (d. 1373), author of one of the most authoritative commentaries on the Koran, explains taqiyya in the context of verse 3:28 as follows: “Whoever at any time or place fears … evil [from non-Muslims] may protect himself through outward show.”  As proof of this, he quotes Muhammad’s close companion Abu Darda, who said, “Let us grin in the face of some people while our hearts curse them.”[1]

Muhammad ibn Jarir at-Tabari (d. 923), author of another standard commentary on the Koran, interprets verse 3:28 as follows:

If you [Muslims] are under their [non-Muslims’] authority, fearing for yourselves, behave loyally to them with your tongue while harboring inner animosity for them … [know that] God has forbidden believers from being friendly or on intimate terms with the infidels rather than other believers—except when infidels are above them [in authority]. Should that be the case, let them act friendly towards them while preserving their religion.[2]

And therein lies the limit of taqiyya: when the deceit, the charade begins to endanger the lives of fellow Muslims—whom, as we have seen, deserve first loyalty—it is forbidden. As al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri puts it in his treatise on Loyalty and Enmity, Muslims may pretend to be friendly and loyal to non-Muslims, so long as they do “not undertake any initiative to support them [non-Muslims], commit sin, or enable [them] through any deed or killing or fighting against Muslims” (The Al Qaeda Reader, p. 75).

Thus the idea that Nidal Hasan might be deployed to a Muslim country (Iraq or Afghanistan) was his “worst nightmare.”   When he realized that he was about to be deployed, he became “very upset and angry.”  The thought that he might injure or kill Muslims “weighed heavily on him.” He also counseled a fellow Muslim not to join the U.S. Army, since “Muslims shouldn’t kill Muslims.”

Hassan is not the only Muslim to expose his disloyalty when pushed into fighting fellow Muslims on behalf of the United States.

Asked by the judge about his oath upon being sentenced for the attempted May 2010 Times Square car bombing, naturalized U.S. citizen Faisal Shahzad replied, “I sweared [sic], but I didn’t mean it.”

In 2010, Naser Abdo, another Muslim soldier who joined the U.S. Army, demanded to be discharged on the claim that he was a “conscientious objector whose devotion to Islam has suffered since he took an oath to defend the United States against all enemies.”  The army agreed, but while processing him, officials found child pornography on his government-issued computer and recommended that he be court-martialed.  Abdo went AWOL and later tried to carry out a terrorist attack on a restaurant with the use of weapons of mass destruction.

And in April 2005, another Muslim serving in the U.S. Army, Hasan Akbar, was convicted of murder for killing two American soldiers and wounding fourteen in a grenade attack in Kuwait: “He launched the attack because he was concerned U.S. troops would kill fellow Muslims in Iraq.”

In short, the first loyalty of any “American Muslim” who follows the Koran is to fellow Muslims, regardless of their nationality—and not to American “infidels,” even if they be their longtime neighbors whom they daily smiled to (see here for examples).  Hence why American Muslim Tarik Shah, who was arrested for terrorist-related charges, once boasted: “I could be joking and smiling [with non-Muslims] and then cutting their throats in the next second”—reminiscent of the aforementioned quote by Muhammad’s companion.

Now, in direct compliance with Islamic law, the Obama administration has made it so that no Muslim living in America need ever worry about having to defend her—including against fellow Muslims or jihadis.


1. ‘Imad ad-Din Isma’il Ibn Kathir, Tafsir al-Qur’an al-Karim (Beirut: Dar al-Kutub al-‘Ilmiya, 2001), vol. 1, p. 350, author’s translation.

2. Abu Ja’far Muhammad at-Tabari, Jami’ al-Bayan ‘an ta’wil ayi’l-Qur’an al-Ma’ruf: Tafsir at-Tabari (Beirut: Dar Ihya’ at-Turath al-Arabi, 2001), vol. 3, p. 267, author’s translation.

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The Silent Implosion

There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.          Henry David Thoreau

Mohammed–Seed of Abraham?

Behold, you are with child, And you will bear a son; And you shall call his name . . . ” Almost everyone has heard or read the well-known “Christmas” verse initiating the Christmas story in Luke. Only this verse is not from Luke and has nothing to do with Christ’s incarnation. This verse is from Genesis 16: 12. This verse highlights another facet of the covenant God made with Abraham with some interesting parallels and contrasts between the two cognate verses from Luke and Genesis respectively.

The first is just below:

Now in the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent . . . And the angel said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God. And behold, you will conceive in your womb and bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus. He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High. And the Lord God will give to him the throne of his father David, and He will reign over the house of Jacob forever, and of His kingdom there will be no end ” (Luke 1: 26-33; emphasis mine).

Note that the angel, Gabriel was the herald God chose to proclaim this news to Mary. The key prophecies about Jesus are thus:

  1. “He will be great
  2. He will be called the Son of the Most High
  3. He will be given the throne of David
  4. He will reign over the house of Jacob forever
  5. His kingdom will never end”[1]

Now read carefully this verse from Genesis and note the contrasts; and the similarities.

. . . The angel of the LORD said to her . . . “Behold, you are with child, And you will bear a son; And you shall call his name Ishmael, . . . [and] He will be a wild donkey of a man, His hand will be against everyone, And everyone’s hand will be against him; And he will live to the east of all his brothers . . . I will greatly multiply your descendants so that they will be too many to count.” (Gen. 16″: 10-12; emphasis mine).

In this case Christ (the angel of the LORD) delivered this message Himself. That is an important distinction between the two passages which I will address in just a minute. First let’s take note of the prophecies in the Ishmael verses.


  1. He will be a wild donkey of a man.
  2. He will fight against everybody.
  3. Everyone will fight against him.
  4. He will live “to the east of His brothers.

While Hagar, the mother of Ishmael, was not of God’s chosen people, the Hebrews or Jews, you can see the parallels and contrasts. Additionally, Hagar was with a child borne out of sin. Ishmael was born out of faith-lessness and rebellion against God. Mary was with child conceived out of the Holy Spirit, born out of faith; believing God’s promises. Both were born of Abraham’s lineage as prophesied.

The name Ishmael means, “God sees and God hears.” God sees and hears the plight of all his creatures. God promised that Abraham’s seed, both conceived in belief and unbelief, faith and faithlessness, would be multiplied like the stars in the heavens (Genesis 13: 16).

Interestingly God chose two different “heralds” that delivered the news to Hagar and Mary. While Gabriel was sent as the messenger to Mary, the Angel of the Lord[2] personally delivered the prophecy to Hagar. Why would the preincarnate Christ visit Hagar while sending Gabriel to proclaim God’s message to Mary?

Dr. Thomas Howe, who is Professor of Old Testament Studies and a Greek and Hebrew (languages) scholar and Director of the PhD program at Southern Evangelical Seminary posits:

[The] reason God appears to Hagar as the Angel of the Lord is because of the parallels with the fall. As God appeared to Adam and Eve in the garden both to curse and to give hope, so God appears to Hagar both to curse—concerning her son . . . and to give hope [see Gen. quote above]—“I will greatly multiply your descendants so that they will be too many to count.”

Gabriel appears to Mary because Gabriel seems to be God’s special messenger of God’s kingdom. The name “Gabriel” means “mighty warrior of God,” or “God is a mighty warrior.” Mary will give birth to Messiah who will go to war against evil and will prevail, and by this He will establish God’s kingdom (emphasis mine).

From the seeds of Ishmael come a people of contention, the Arab race. A race not only hostile to the Jews,[3] but venomous and violent to the whole world. All of this is the natural outgrowth of The Garden Curse. This is the beginning of the ancient antagonism between Abraham’s seed of sin through Hagar and his seed of righteousness through Sarah; Arab against Jew and Christian.

But the seeds of Jesus’ are grace, mercy, charity, benevolence, and blessing. The seeds of Jesus are an eternal nation, made up of those who come to Christ in faith and righteousness; Jew, Gentile, and even those of Ishmael’s line, become descendants in Abraham’s lineage of belief by faith. It must be remembered that God proclaimed a blessing and a curse on Abraham’s heirs. God said, “And I will bless those who bless you.” That is the blessing for those that come by faith. God also posited a curse, “And the one who curses you I will curse. This curse is against Ishmael’s lineage that follows in Ishmael’s footsteps.

Treachery from the past

Weeks of heinous, yet heart wrenching images followed the fiery collapsing of the Twin Towers; the funeral pyre of thousands. If that were not bad enough, the Pentagon conflagration further rocked this country to its foundation. Both resultant from the first-ever attack on our countries native soil. Thus, Al Qaeda succeeded in burning that villainous date, September 11, 2001, forever into our collective brain. However, there is another date few of us are aware of. A date lost in the cavernous past, but inexorably linked to September 11, 2001.

The Heir

From Ishmael, Abraham’s heir by his unbelief; came Islam’s initiator, Mohammed. His so-called “revelations from Allah” did not come all at once. In fact, Mohamed was initially inclined to believe the revelations were from Satan; he should have stuck with that first impression.

Revelations notwithstanding, Robert Spencer, the Director of Jihad Watch[4] at the David Horowitz Freedom Center who has authored several books on the Islam writes:

Muhammad’s claim to be a prophet . . . was his apparent dependence on Jewish, Christian, and other sources. Many observers throughout history have noted the numerous and obvious similarities between Islam and Judaism, including the “pure” monotheism, the line of prophets, the proliferation of laws, the facing toward the holy city for prayer, and more.[5]

Beginning with the Nakhla[6] raid, Islam has grown in strength, violence, and magnitude through the centuries. Mohammedans waged a 1,000-year war on Christendom, finally advancing as far as Vienna before being beaten back by the Poles and Germans at the Battle of Vienna. What was the date of that break through battle? September 11, 1683.

When Muhammad founded the religion of Islam in the seventh century, he escalated Ishmael’s curse, both on the Arab nation and the world (His hand will be against everyone, And everyone’s hand will be against him”). The resultant “holy” book of Islam, the Qur’an and its attendant Hadith are full of venomous threats of torturous death to the infidels. In a general sense the threats are against any non-Muslim. But the Qur’an specifically speaks against the Jew and the Christian (the people of the Book). Yes, there are explicit Suras that spell out the fate of Christians and Jews.

Sura 8:6-Prepare for them whatever force and cavalry ye are able of gathering, to strike terror, to strike terror into the hearts of the enemies of Allah and your enemies.

Sura 4:56-Those who have disbelieved our signs, we shall roast them in fire, whenever their skins are cooked to a Muslims Goal insertturn, we shall substitute new skins for them that they may feel the punishment: verily Allah is sublime and wise.

Sura 47:4-Therefore, when ye meet the unbelievers, strike at their necks, and when ye have caused a bloodbath among them bind a bond firmly on them.

Sura 4:89-They but wish that ye should reject faith as they do, and thus be on the same footing as they, so take not friends from their ranks until they flee in the way of Allah, but if they turn renegades, seize them and kill them wherever ye find them and take no helpers from their ranks.

Sura 8:49-Fight them until there is no dissension and religion is entirely Allah’s.

Abdurahman M. Alamoudi; the influential founder of the American Muslim Council has, for example, repeatedly told Muslim audiences that the goal of Muslims in America is to turn the U.S. into an Islamic state, even if it takes “a hundred years. . . . if we are outside this country, we can say, “Oh, Allah, destroy America,”. . . Alamoudi, who has advised the Pentagon on Islam and stocked it with Muslim chaplains. “But once we are here, our mission in this country is to change it” (emphasis mine).[1]

Then there is this . . .

Omar M. Ahmad, the chairman of the nation’s leading Muslim-rights group-Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR has asserted the following to a Muslim audience:

“Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Quran should be the highest authority in America” (emphasis mine).[2]

But it gets worse . . .

Then there is Hillary Rodham Clinton who, as I write, is one of the candidates battling in the Democratic Presidential primaries and could be our next President.

Clinton during her Senate campaign in 2000, Clint took a thousand dollars from Alamoudi of the American Muslim Council and fifty thousand from members of the American Muslim Alliance, headed by . . . Agha Saeed. But she was forced to return the donations when news got out that both leaders voiced support for Palestinian terrorists. Clinton apparently thought she could launder Alamoudi’s blood money by renaming his group “American Museum Council” in her donor report to the Federal Commission, thereby disguising Alamoudi as a curator rather than a terrorist- supporter.

No one was fooled. [At a] Muslim holiday receptions at the White House, . . . argued in support of Hamas,[an] . . . officially designated a terrorist group. . . .

Saeed was quoted backing Palestinian suicide attacks on Israel. Yet Hillary attended a five-hundred-dollar-a-ticket fundraiser sponsored by his group . . . Clinton, who has shown a pattern of deception over her career, claims listing Alamoudi’s employer as a “museum” was a typographical error (emphasis mine).[4]

The 9/11 Commission Report is a very revealing source; Sperry has taken the time to examine it and additionally posits small updates to the benefit of his readers:

[The report] names al-Qaida operatives who were sitting on the bench on 9/11, held in reserve for a larger, more deadly operation. They include:

Ali abd al Rahman al-Faqasi al-Ghamdi: . . . “was held in reserve by bin Laden for a later [post 9/11], even larger operation, . . . recently given amnesty by the Saudi government. Saud al-Rashid; . . . trained for suicide mission[s]. Saudi authorities released him . . . in 2002. . . . photos of him were found with those of three other hijackers, . . . other[s] identified him as a candidate hijacker,” according to the report. Abderraouf Jdey: Also known as Faruq al-Tunisi is a trained pilot who was slated for the “second wave” of suicide attacks after 9/11. He has a Canadian passport and is still at large. . . . Then there is Adam Gadahn, . . . who grew up in California before converting to Islam and shipping off to Afghanistan to train for suicide missions. . . . suspected of conspiring to blow up gas stations and underground fuel facilities in the Washington area. . . . Gadahn is still at large.[5]


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[6] Ibid., 98. The Quraysh were Muhammad’s kinsman, it was to them Muhammad began to preach (610AD); but the Quraysh did not believe him. By 622 the friction between Muhammad and his kinsman reached breaking point and Muhammad began raiding Quraysh caravans. “The raids were not solely designed to exact revenge from those . . . who rejected the Prophet . . . they served a key economic purpose, to keep Muslim movement solvent” (TTAM, 98).

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Crush Depth – Part II

Uncharted Space

Jimmy Carter was America’s president and the year is 1979. Captain Kirk, Spock, Scotty, and Bones beamed up from television onto the silver screen with Star Trek the Movie. While Captain Kirk was engulfed with the really serious crisis of a malevolent cloud trying to destroy Earth; America, led by “Captain” Carter and his “big government intervention squad,” turned a problem into a catastrophe.

However, as the starship Enterprise journeyed “where no man had gone before,” so too oil prices, and inflation blasted upward into the Exosphere. And with Captain Carter and the BGI Squad on the job, interest rates, hit warp speed and rocketed into alien territory—where no man had gone before (or since)! Unfortunately, “Captain Carter” was not as successful as Captain Kirk; hence the U.S. economy was thrown into the black hole of a three-year recession.

Fast Forward

Twenty years hence, “in 1999, the global economy underwent a monumental shift . . . [that] promises to give rise to an inflationary era—the likes of which America has never before seen,” so says Dr. Stephen Leeb.[1] He continues, “this shift was probably the single most significant to occur since America abandoned the gold standard . . . even on Wall Street . . . [few] seem to be aware of this profound change—let alone understand the serious ramifications it is having on the global economy.”[2]

Once again, beginning in 2006, we began to see oil prices soar; up to $3.50 per gallon in some parts of the country by late 2007, Nevertheless, what is happening now with oil is not what was happening thirty years ago. No, this time it is much worse! While oil is once again on stage, the circumstances are markedly different.

This time oil is the chief underlying driver of both geopolitical and geo-economic global events. Unlike in the past, signs of future demand shortages are evident. Keystone supplies are waning and emerging nations like China and India have thrust 3.3 billion new “capitalists” onto the consumerism’s world arena. They are gobbling up TV sets, cell phones, computers, and graduating from bicycles to cars—and they want more.

Globalism and Globalization

The terms globalism and globalization sound harmless. Nonetheless, they are added fuel feeding the flames under an already bubbling cauldron.

Not to get ahead of ourselves we should define the terms. According to the Encarta online dictionary globalism is, “the belief or advocacy that political policies should take worldwide issues into account before focusing on national or state concerns.” In other words, America’s sovereignty is to take a back seat to “worldwide issues”; read United Nations.

Globalization on the other hand is, “to become adopted on a global scale, or cause something, especially social institutions, to become adopted on a global scale.” This is not Black Op Helicopter conspiracy theorism. Globalism is being propelled by a growing bloc of bureaucratic elitists. The impending threat of globalism is and will affect the world both politically and economically.

Unarguably, the economies of all countries are becoming ever more global. That is the world we live in. But how do globalists define globalism? According to Joseph Nye,[3]Globalism, at its core, seeks to describe and explain nothing more than a world which is characterized by networks of connections that span multi-continental distances. . . . globalization refers to the increase or decline in the degree of globalism. It focuses on the forces, the dynamism or speed of these changes.”[4] The vexing problem for America is that to embrace globalism we must demolish the foundations and core convictions America was built on. In short, globalism ultimately requires we relinquish our national sovereignty and incinerate our founding documents on the altar of Globalism.

Globalism is not new. In 1907, President Woodrow Wilson declared:

Since trade ignores national boundaries and the manufacturer insists on having the world as a market, the flag of his nation must follow him, and the doors of the nations which are closed against him must be battered down. Concessions obtained by financiers must be safeguarded by ministers of state, even if the sovereignty of unwilling nations be outraged in the process.[5]

President Eisenhower affirmed this mind-set in 1953, “a serious and explicit purpose of our foreign policy [is] the encouragement of a hospitable climate for investment in foreign nations.”[6]

Shadow Parties

Most American’s believe we basically have a two party system. Yes, there is the Libertarian party as well as the Republican and Democratic Parties; the three make up the chief registered, visible parties. But there is an undeclared, shadow party and no I am not talking about one of the radical extremist parties, like the Green party. I believe a large percentage of our politicians are “undeclared globalists.” It seems to be the case that the underlying dynamic driving globalists and globalism are elitist thirsting for power.

The Clintons (remember, we got two for one) ran, and were elected as Democrats; George W. Bush ran, and was elected as a Republican, but in fact they are different facets of the same stone. How was the country really governed in both instances? What America actually got were Globalists. The Clintons were and are Global Socialists/Marxists. Bush, on the other hand, is a Global Socialist/Capitalist. That may sound oxymorononic, but consider the facts. The U.S. government under Bush’s watch grew more than even under the Clinton regime, he has pushed for a North American Union, and has repeatedly pushed back against his constituents pleas to seal our borders.

Let me be clear, George Bush was, that is to say, George Bush is not a conservative; though that is why many of us voted for him—twice! Remember shortly after 911 George Bush stood on a pile of WTC rubble, his arm around a fireman and declared to America he would do whatever it took to fight terrorism. He would fight it wherever he found it—and not just terrorists, but all of those who fund or support terrorism.

Sadly, that has not been the case. Bush instead has fallen prey to both a metaphysical pluralism[7] and religious pluralism.[8] If Bush was really committed to those words, he would seal the borders for national security. He never did. So aliens of unknown origin and intentions flood through by the thousands daily.


The analogy of the Thresher is an apt metaphor for the U.S. and the American Church. Like any analogy it is a broad-stroke; there are individual churches that are striving to follow Christ as closely as possible. There are groups, organizations, and families that understand and live our Founders’ vision.

I have set out three critical stress points pressing in with such force as to warrant our immediate attention. Individually each poses a threat of the highest moment. Jointly, well jointly our peril is so grave that only by God’s intervention will victory be gained. But that situation is often, I should say characteristically where God puts His people before He intercedes. For all glory belongs to God.

The three threats are:

  1. The atheistic, naturalists’ indoctrination (political correctness)
  2. Islamofascist imperialism
  3. Geopolitical agenda of globalization/globalism.

Unfortunately, these cankers are deeply embedded. They will not be easily eradicated. Indeed, at best we can only accomplish two things. First, buy our patient more time. Second, be faithful to our country’s founding documents and to Christ’s mandate to His Church (Matt. 28: 18-20; 1 Pet. 3:15; Jude 1: 3).

I will detail more about these threats. The following chapter explains why and how our atheistic society became that way. Chapter 4 will discuss the imperialistic ambitions of Islam and Chapter 5 will make clear why globalization exposes us to great risk. Remember the three do not work alone. Their force is cumulative and exponential. The functional amalgamation of Islam’s global imperialism and the globalization of America along with the postmodern bent of society have set the stage for a cataclysmic upheaval.

Why go into such detail? Because I belief it is imperative to demonstrate the peril facing our country and the Church and fully illuminate the urgency of the matter. To be successful, I believe this must be driven by the Church.

[1] Leeb holds bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, a master’s degree in Mathematics, and Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Illinois. Leeb is the author of six books on investments and financial trends, as well as the founder and editor of a number of financial newsletters.

[2] Stephen Leeb, ed., The Income Performance Newsletter, Winter (New York: Emerging Advisory LLC, 2008), 1.

[3] Joseph Nye received his bachelor’s degree from Princeton University. Subsequently, he did postgraduate work at Oxford University on a Rhodes Scholarship and earned his PhD in political science from Harvard. was Dean of the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University from 1995 to 2004 and has authored a number of books.

[4] Joseph Nye, “Globalism Versus Globalization,” The Globalist (Washington DC: The Globalists, 2000-2007),


[6] Ibid.

[7] Metaphysical Pluralism posits that there are multiple realities, e.g. there is no absolute truth—what is true for me may not be true for you.

[8] Religious pluralism, simply stated is inclusive of all religious beliefs. All roads lead to “heaven” or the “Ultimate Being,” however he/she is conceived.

The Religion of Peace

Islam is a religion of peace. Ask the people that really know. Clearly Islam is a religion of peace.

George W. Bush, our “Christian President,” declared it so after 911:

I believe that all the world, whether they be Muslim, Christian, or any other religion, prays to the same God. That’s what I believe. I believe that Islam is a great religion that preaches peace.”

It is problematic that Bush does not even understand his own religion, Christianity, let alone Islam or other religions. Rather he chooses to follow the religious pluralistic path of universalism.

The current Obama administration can’t get out of its own way for praising, bowing, and groveling at foot of the crescent. But then by his own admission he is Muslim.

The U.K. has just embraced sharia law into its extant legal system.

But is Islam a religion of peace—really?

Gert Wilder, a statesman in the Netherland’s Dutch Freedom Party, has been standing against atrocities and his own government who upholds “the religion of peace.” He remains resolute against myriad death threats that have kept him on the move. He has not lived in his own house since 2004. The government of Netherlands, totally sold out to political correctness, even put Wilders on trial for inciting against Islam.

But this is not about Wilders. This is a global problem. The following is a re-post of an article today, April 9, 2014, by Raymond Ibrahim.


As happens at Christmas every year throughout the Muslim world, Christians and their churches were especially targeted—from jihadi terror strikes killing worshippers, to measures by Muslim authorities restricting Christmas celebrations.  Some incidents follow:

Iraq:  “Militants” reported the Associated Press, “targeted Christians in three separate Christmas Day bombings in Baghdad, killing at least 37 people, officials said Wednesday.  In one attack, a car bomb went off near a church in the capital’s southern Dora neighborhood, killing at least 26 people and wounding 38, a police officer said. Earlier, two bombs ripped through a nearby outdoor market simultaneously in the Christian section of Athorien, killing 11 people and wounding 21.”

Iran:  Five Muslim converts to Christianity were arrested from a house-church during a Christmas celebration. Plain clothes Iranian security authorities raided a house where, according to Mohabat News, “a group of Christians had gathered to celebrate Christmas on Tuesday, December 24.” Before arresting the five apostates, authorities “insulted and searched those in attendance, and seized all Christian books, CDs, and laptops they found. They also took the Satellite TV receiver.”  The original report received by Mohabat stated: “These Christians had gathered to worship and celebrate [the] birth of Jesus.”

Indonesia: Muslims in the Aceh province protested against Christmas and New Year celebrations and called on authorities to ban them. Days earlier, an influential Islamic cleric organization, the Ulema Consultative Assembly, issued a fatwa, or edict, “prohibiting Muslims from offering Christmas wishes or celebrating on New Year’s Eve,” said the Associated Press.  Aceh is the “only province in predominantly Muslim Indonesia that is allowed to implement a version of Islamic Shariah law.”

Kenya: “Youths,” reported Reuters, “threw petrol bombs at two Kenyan churches on Christmas day … in the latest bout of violence against Christians on the country’s predominantly Muslim coast.”  The attacks occurred “in the early hours of December 25 after churchgoers held services to usher in Christmas.”  The churches were located in Muslim-majority regions. One church was “completely destroyed.”

Somalia: The more “moderate” government—as it is often portrayed in comparison to Al Shabaab (“The Youth”) opposition—banned Christmas celebrations. Hours before Christmas Day, the Ministry of Justice and Religious Affairs released a directive banning any Christian festivities from being held in the east African nation.  In the words of one ministry official: “We alert fellow Muslims in Somalia that some festivities to mark Christian Days will take place around the world in this week. It is prohibited to celebrate those days in this country.”  All security and law enforcement agencies were instructed to quash any Christian celebrations.

Pakistan:  During Christmas Eve services, “Heavy contingents of police were deployed around the churches to thwart any untoward incident.”  In some regions, “prayer service at major churches focused on remembering the Pakistani Christians who lost their lives in terror attacks.” For example, three months earlier, Islamic suicide bombers entered the All Saints Church compound in Peshawar following Sunday mass and blew themselves up in the midst of some 550 congregants, killing some 130 worshippers, including many Sunday school children, women, and choir members, and injuring nearly 200 people.

Even in Western nations like Denmark, Christmas Eve witnessed Islamic demonstrations and cries of “Allahu Akbar” (or “Allah is greater”).

Also in December, Syria’s Greek-Catholic Church declared that it had three “true martyrs”—men from the small town of Ma’loula, an ancient Christian site where the inhabitants still spoke the language of Christ.  According to Asia News, “When the town fell [in September, to al-Qaeda linked rebels], a climate of fear was imposed… When three men refused to repudiate their religion, they were summarily executed in public, and six more were taken hostage. This was followed by a failed attempt by Syrian government forces to retake the town.”  In the words of Patriarch Gregorios III to Pope Francis in a meeting: “Holy Father, they are true martyrs. Ordered to give up their faith, they proudly refused. Three others however gave in and were forced to declare themselves Muslim, but later returned to the faith of their ancestors.”  According to the families who fled from Ma’loula, “some of their Muslim neighbors took part in the attack that devastated this historic village where people still speak Aramaic, the language of Jesus. Muslims are approximately one third of the population of the village…”

The rest of December’s roundup of Muslim persecution of Christians around the world includes (but is not limited to) the following accounts, listed by theme and country in alphabetical order, not necessarily according to severity.

Islamic Attacks on Christian Places of Worship 

Egypt: After a Coptic Christian priest from the village of Tarshoub, Upper Egypt, left to service a new location and a new priest was sent to Tarshoub, Muslim Brotherhood supporters rioted and attacked the village Christians, including by throwing stones at their homes, burning property, and calling for the closure of the village church, which has been in existence for 40 years.  The church was subsequently closed and the priest prevented from entering the village.   The Christian Post reported that Christian villagers were “getting close to the New Year celebrations and Christmas, and yet they are not able to open the church….  security authorities have not arrested the aggressors, while Copts were forced to close the church for fear of more attacks, especially in light of continued incitement by the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Indonesia: Five more churches were closed by authorities, leaving thousands of Christians without a place of worship.  First, claiming that the existence of a Protestant church in North Sumatra was illegal, hundreds of Muslims belonging to the Islamic Defenders Front attacked and disrupted its Sunday services, creating so much havoc that police had to escort Christians home.  Then, two new churches—one in West Java, the other in South Sulawesi—were sealed off.  The Sulawesi church was subsequently demolished by authorities.  A few days later, two more churches near Jakarta were forced to stop holding services. According to International Christian Concern, “The reason behind this month’s rash of church closures, especially after seven months of relative quiet, is not exactly clear. It may be that the coming Christmas holiday has ignited always simmering anti-Christian sentiment among radical groups. In 2000, 16 were killed by bomb attacks on churches over the Christmas holiday.”

Russia: In December it was revealed that seven Christian churches were torched in 2013 in a Muslim-majority republic in Russia, according to Asia News: “Churches burned, attacks foiled and increased pressure on Christians to convert to Islam. In Tatarstan—autonomous republic of the Russian Federation, with a Muslim majority—the extremism alarm is increasing.”  Although the culprits setting fire to churches are “unidentified extremists,” Father Dmitri Sizov, pastor of Pestrechinsky, said that “the whole community knows that it is the work of the Wahhabis [Islamic literalists]” who “roam, inviting the faithful to convert to Islam.” But “the priests remain silent because they are afraid of being accused of incitement to religious hatred,” added Fr. Dmitri.

Syria: Islamic rebel forces fired multiple mortar shells on a church in the southern province of Daraa, killing 12 people and injuring many others, including church volunteers who were there distributing charity aid to the locals. Separately, five young children were killed when rebels fired two rockets at a Christian school.  According to the Patriarch of the Church of Antioch, more than 450,000 Christian Syrians have been displaced from the conflict, and more than a thousand have been killed.

Islamic Attacks on Christian Freedom: Apostasy, Proselytism, and Dhimmitude

Cameroon: David Dina Mataware, a Christian missionary, was slaughtered by neighboring Nigeria’s Islamic group Boko Haram.  On the same day and in the same area that the missionary’s murder took place, a French priest, Father Georges Vandenbeusch, was also kidnapped. The slain missionary, whose throat was slit, had worked in a Nigeria-based mission agency in Cameroon for some fourteen years, bringing the Gospel to remote tribes.

Egypt: “The nation’s most well-known convert from Islam” to Christianity was arrested, including for allegedly inciting “sectarian strife,” and “is likely being tortured,” reported Morning News.  Bishoy Armia Boulous, 31—popularly known by his former Muslim name, Muhammad Hegazy—was arrested while in a café.  Authorities claim that he was working with a Coptic satellite station to create a “false image” of violence against Christians in Minya, Upper Egypt, where attack on Copts are most common. However, human rights activists close to Bishoy say “his arrest had nothing to do with any reporting work but constituted retaliation for becoming a Christian” and possibly for evangelizing to Muslims.

Iran:  While raiding their home, the Islamic republic’s feared secret police assaulted the wife and children of jailed evangelical Pastor Behnam Irani.  According to a source assisting the family with advocacy, “They confiscated her laptop computer and Christian materials… While the secret police were in her home they were yelling at her and doing their best to scare her.  This really frightened the children, Rebekah and Adriel” and was apparently meant to create enough “fear to silence them.”  The raid came after the imprisoned evangelical leader—and former Muslim—was told by a court to remain behind bars because he “did not change.”

Syria:  The anti-Christian strictures of Sharia, or Islamic law, continued to be applied onto Christians by Islamic rebels.  According to Agenzia Fides, “Kanaye [a Christian region] has been invaded by Islamist militants that terrorize the population, threaten a massacre and have imposed the Islamic law…  This has become a pattern that repeats itself and that in recent weeks has focused on a number of Christian villages: armed guerrillas penetrate into the village, terrorize civilians, commit kidnappings, kill, sow destruction.”  Father George Louis of the village of Qara, which has been devastated and burned, explained: Maalula [the aforementioned Ma’loula], Sednaya, Sadad, Qara and Deir Atieh, Nebek: armed jihadists target a village, they invade it, kill people, burn and devastate it.”

Turkmenistan: Police and Secret Service agents in Dashoguz, a northern city, raided a group of believers of the Church of the Light of the East, a Protestant community.  Forces raided two houses of prayer, seizing religious materials, including Bibles. An official of the Department of Religious Affairs, who is also an imam at the local mosque, went on to inform the pastor that his faith “is wrong” and warned him to convert to Islam, adding “Christianity is a mistake … it’s not a religion, but a myth.”  Moreover, Christians practicing hymns for Sunday service were told by officers that “the songs of praise to God are banned here.” Adds Asia News: “Meanwhile, an increasing number of people are being incarcerated for crimes of opinion and defense of religious freedom.”

Carnage of Christians

Central African Republic: In just two days of violence, at least 1,000 people were killed in Bangui, CAR’s capital, following the chaos that has engulfed the nation after Seleka, a coalition of Muslim militia, whose members include many foreigners, ousted the Christian president—the nation is Christian-majority with a significant Muslim-minority—and installed a Muslim ruler.  Because some Christians tried to resist with violence, killing some 60 Muslim males in combat, the Islamic group “retaliated on a larger scale against Christians in the wake of the attack, killing nearly 1,000 men over a two-day period and systematically looting civilian homes. A small number of women and children were also killed,” reported Amnesty.  Tens of thousands of Christians fled from machete-wielding Muslims, many now living in desperate conditions around churches and bishoprics. “They are slaughtering us like chickens,” said one Christian.  “We have had enough of Seleka killing, raping and stealing,” said another, adding that he was not sure whether he could ever go back and live among Muslims. “We are angry,” he said.  “The Muslims should go back where they came from.”

Nigeria: Islamic Fulani herdsmen killed at least 205 Christian farmers in the latter half of 2013, while ten thousand more Christians were displaced and many of their churches destroyed or closed.   As for motive, Christian leaders, “had no doubt the Muslim assailants aimed to demoralize and destroy Christians,” said Morning Star News. Several of the attackers appear to be mercenaries from outside the area, explaining how the Fulani farmers became so heavily armed.  “Life has become unbearable for our church members who have survived these attacks, and they are making worship services impossible,” said a Roman Catholic bishop.  Another area Christian leader said that “Many of our Christian brethren have been killed. The Muslim gunmen that are attacking our Christian communities are numerous; they are so many that we can’t count them. They are spread across all the communities and unleashing terror on our people without any security resistance.”

About this Series

The persecution of Christians in the Islamic world is on its way to reaching pandemic proportions.  Accordingly, “Muslim Persecution of Christians” was developed to collate some—by no means all—of the instances of persecution that surface each month. It serves two purposes:

1)    To document that which the mainstream media does not: the habitual, if not chronic, persecution of Christians.

2)    To show that such persecution is not “random,” but systematic and interrelated—that it is rooted in a worldview inspired by Sharia.

Accordingly, whatever the anecdote of persecution, it typically fits under a specific theme, including hatred for churches and other Christian symbols; sexual abuse of Christian women; forced conversions to Islam; apostasy and blasphemy laws that criminalize and punish with death those who “offend” Islam; theft and plunder in lieu of jizya (financial tribute expected from non-Muslims); overall expectations for Christians to behave like cowed dhimmis, or second-class, “tolerated” citizens; and simple violence and murder. Sometimes it is a combination.

Because these accounts of persecution span different ethnicities, languages, and locales—from Morocco in the West, to India in the East—it should be clear that one thing alone binds them: Islam—whether the strict application of Islamic Sharia law, or the supremacist culture born of it.

The Stealth Jihad of Islamic Immigration

Excepts from  “Allen West’s Steadfast & Loyal.”

We often hear that “America is a land of immigrants,” especially from those advocating a path to citizenship for people who have defied our sovereign rule of law and are here illegally.

I recall the words of President Theodore Roosevelt who believed no man should be discriminated against because of where he was born, but insisted any immigrant who arrives on our shores should become an American in terms of faith, allegiance and language, “If he tries to keep segregated with men of his own origin and separated from the rest of America, then he isn’t doing his part as an American. We have room for but one soul loyalty, and that is loyalty to the American people.”

Contrast that with the New York scene Daniel Greenfield writes about in Frontpage Magazine,

Walk along Church Avenue and turn east onto McDonald Avenue and you will see where the old standards of working class Brooklyn give way to mosques and grocery stores selling goat meat. Mosques grow like mushrooms in basements, cell phone stores offer easy ways to wire money back to Bangladesh and old men glare at interlopers, especially if they are infidel women. This is where Mohammed Siddiquee settled a dispute the old-fashioned way by beheading his landlord.

A creeping sharia has immigrated into our America and like a cancer is spreading and attempting to take over its “host.” Greenfield notes that New York City has always had its micro communities of culture,

But Islam is not just a culture and the cultures who carry its baggage with them to the old worlds and the new are not toting it along like another ethnic food, a dialect or a national holiday. In Chinatown, Buddhist temples and protestant churches sit side by side and in Latino neighborhoods, Adventist storefront churches and massive Catholic edifices co-exist; along with them can be found synagogues, Hindu and Zoroastrian temples and the whole dizzying array of religious diversity of a port city defined by its swells and tides of immigrants.

As those of us not under the spell of political correctness know, Islam does not coexist. And in its “Al Hijra” views immigration, as Greenfield says, “a form of supremacist manifest destiny to colonize the Dar al-Harb (the non-Islamic world) and subdue it with sheer numbers or sheer force” -– just look at Europe if you need proof.

Greenfield points to Jamaica in Queens, where Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis plotted the mass murder of Americans and the bombing of the Federal Reserve, hoping to “destroy America.”

Greenfield concludes,

At this hour, no one in Little Korea, Little Italy, Little Brazil, Brighton Beach or Koreatown is plotting to destroy America so that his religion can rule the world. That is what sets the Little Bangladeshes, Little Pakistans, and Little Mogadishus apart from every other immigrant group whose dreams for the future are not overshadowed by the iron dream of Islam.

Tragically, US Attorney General Eric Holder is seeking to ban the use of religion and national origin in terrorist investigations, even including instances involving national security. I will say it again, when tolerance becomes a one-way street it leads to cultural suicide. And neighborhood by neighborhood, it is a slow, dripping death. Dear God, have we so forgotten Teddy Roosevelt’s admonition?

Colonel West is absolutely correct, but Obama’s covert plan is to Islamatize America is really even scarier than that . . . much, much, scarier. Bare Naked Islam reports,

Obama’s Immigration Bill and his ensuing amnesty are not mainly about the 13 million or so illegal Latinos in this country but it is the back door entrance for over one hundred million Muslims to be brought to the US by 2018 -and, by some indications, such numbers could be as high as 150 million. Naturally, their presence would imply an intrinsic establishment of sharia law as the law of the American nation (italics mine).

Marcus Tullius Cicero, the 1st Century B.C. Roman Statesman, Philosopher and Orator who rightly declared,

A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.

What can you do? Here are a couple of easy things. Go to ACT for America and sign these petitions. One for the threat to the U.S. Senate to protect our Free Speech, the second ALAC (American Laws for American Courts) keeps creeping sharia out of our country.